You can visit Limpopo Game Safari for a photographic safari, in the middle of nature, as well as for hunting.

Each client, whether photographer or hunter, will have an all-terrain vehicle, a Professional Hunter, a Tracker and a Driver, who will accompany them at all times.

There is a great variety of species in the farm (more than thirty), and in others nearby you can complete the rest of trophies that the client wants.

There is also a multitude of birds, from ducks and geese in the river, all kinds of pigeons and turtledoves, bustards and bustards, eagles like the fisherman and an endless number of birds of various species.

The terrain is flat and very easy to walk on. Depending on the area, it can be a bush, herbaceous or jungle savannah, the latter along the entire riverbank.

In the case of hunting, the animals go through the phase of preparing skins and trophies for delivery to the taxidermist. The taxidermist will take care of packing and making all the necessary documents for export to the address designated by the client.

Near the river the vegetation is exuberant, the hunting search is usually done in an all-terrain vehicle and once a trail has been found and checked if it is recent, it is followed and approached.
We have more than 25 species in the camp area and the rest within a nearby area.